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Coupled with the previous and Loews contradiction, in the 5 years of cooperation, football should not give sammer jump obstacles.

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Beijing early morning of January 19th, the Hamburg club board of supervisors announced, will be officially hired summers served as the team manager, which means that after much raise a Babel of criticism of the sammer transfer events will soon come to an end.

In the face of such figures as well as in support of their Hamburg tall, believe that summers it is hard for nike free run 3.0 v4 me to find reasons to refuse.

Hamburg website screenshot: Sommer as the team manager

But Hamburg club board chairman Rick Hof expressed optimism: it is not known when the summers and the soccer association on this matter for consultation, but we think that, it will all black free runs be in a few days can be finalized, and the board of supervisors is also fully supported the idea of summers.

The Hamburg club also said the official hire summers, the club will be paid out.

The decision is in local nike free run 2 cheap time last night club meeting, Hamburg Board representative Otto officially announced to the outside, he said: as long as the German Football Association agreed, we will give the summers a suitable all black nike free run contract, this is the board of supervisors unanimously decided to results.

Of course, all this nike free run 3.0 needs the DFB clappers, summers can take place.

After the German Football Association Chairman Wang nike free run 4.0 womens Qi lattice also told the media that summers could indeed joined Hamburg, and Secretary of the association Niels Bach also said nike free run all black that as long as the sammer really want free runs cheap to go, he can fully and football showdown.

This decision means that summers and Hamburg clubs have very close, the nike free 5.0 womens German media have crazy biography of the former German football legend probably from the German Football Association moved to Hamburg, Hamburg, now the clubs decision was confirmed by the news.

According nike free runs to the picture before the bid, yearly salary may be high amounts to 2500000 euro.

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